Top 5 In-line Hockey Drills with DekerBar by BlueLine Puck

Follow along with Ryan from BlueLine Puck as he shows his Top 5 favorite hockey practice drills to run with the DekerBar! Be sure to grab yourself a DekerBar from to start your training journey to hockey stickhandling mastery 😎

Drill #1: Warmup ZigZag

The first quick hands drill is designed to help warm up the hands.

Creating this zig-zag pattern and adjusting the bars to different heights as seen in the first drill helps engage the hands with long puck movements.

The last DekerBar setup is to give you an obstacle before making a move to take a shot on goal.

Get creative with your designs and simulate hockey defenders in your puck handling drills as shown above!

Drill #2: Umbrella 

This setup is called the “umbrella” it’s another drill to simulate hockey starts and stops.

Use this drill to practice sudden starts and stops while skating.

The ability to control the puck as you are skating will develop quicker responses and faster hands.

Drill #3: Toe Drag


This fast hands drill is all about toe drag development.

Use this setup to work the puck in-close to the body and draw it away from your body.

Practice drawing the puck away from your body to create space for yourself on the rink.

You don’t want you hands tied to your hips at all times so getting your hands out in front of you will help your strength and stickhandling.

Drill #4: Skating


Your skating is just as important if not more important than your stickhandling.

The objective of this DekerBar setup is to work on your inside and outside edges weaving through a figure 8 fashion.

Work on maintaining control and puck protection during this fast hands drill.

Drill #5: Total Development

The final drill is mixing in everything that we were just working on into stations.

Working on tight turns, overspeed while stick handling, and puck protection.

The DekerBar is a versatile stickhandling obstacle that helps you train for faster hockey hands on the ice, on the rink, and on your SuperDeker!

⭐️ Specifically designed as an additional training tool for the SuperDeker

⭐️ Bars, bases, and inserts can be combined to form endless configurations

⭐️ Optional O-rings lock the bars to the bases

⭐️ Easily adjustable with no tools required

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