2020 no bands championship entry form

We are looking for the best no band players of 2020

We challenge you to video record your gameplay with the Secret Phrase (Weighted ePuck Max), upload it to YouTube, and submit it to us using the form on this page.   
The top four players from each age category will advance into the PLAYOFFS.  From there the top two players in each category will compete in the FINAL round.
Please fill out the form below to submit your entry, and be sure to double check your email is correct as this is our way of notifying qualifying players for Playoff and Final Rounds.



  • The Tournament is open to all entrants of ages .  Those under age of thirteen must have parental or guardian permission.
  • Birthdate at the time of entry into the Contest will be the determining factor of the Player’s age.
  • Prizes will only be awarded to residents of Canada and United States with exception to Quebec, Hawaii, Alaska. 
  • PLEASE NOTE! All Players are welcome to participate, however we are unable to award prizes to those participants outside the selected tournament locations due to contest regulations.


We’re looking for the world’s best NO BANDS SuperDeker player in two age categories!

  • Participants must submit videos of their games and scores. Each video must have a ‘secret code word’ included that will be provided at the start of each round.
  • Age categories:
    • Age 10 and Under
    • 11 and Older
  • The qualifying portion of tournament starts October 31st.
  • The playoffs start November 15th.  Only four (4) players in each category will make it to the playoffs! 
  • The finals start November 22nd. Only two (2) players in each category will make it to the finals.
  • There will be one finals winner from each category
  • The participants who qualify for the playoffs will win a prize package, and the winner from each category will receive a new accessory (to be revealed soon).
  • Sponsor will provide a discount code for 20% off a purchase to be used on the new ePuck Max weighted training puck or Carry Case accessory for participants of the 2020 No Bands Challenge.


    1. CAREFULLY REMOVE THE REBOUNDER BANDS.  If the bands are on the SuperDeker, your submission will not count (even if you don’t use the bands).
    2. Video your gameplay and your final score. At the beginning of your video you must say the “SECRET CODE PHRASE” of the round. (For example “I love Hockey!”)  *If you don’t say this your video won’t qualify. This is how the judges can verify you didn’t film your video prior to the tournament starting.
    3. Upload your video (one unedited video containing the Secret Code Phrase, game play, and final score) to YouTube, place the link in the form on our website, and fill out all entry details. For those under the age of thirteen (13), be sure to have a parent or guardian consent to contest entry.
    4. You may enter as many times as you want to get your best possible score. However, it is only possible for a player to qualify once. You cannot win twice.
    5. In case of tied scores, entries that were submitted first will qualify as the winner.


    To participate in the Tournament, each participant must have access to a SuperDeker.


    • Ages 10 & Under
    • 11+ years 


    The eight entrants who are selected as top players qualifying for the playoffs will receive a playoff package containing: 

    • One ePuck Max weighted training puck
    • One carry case for their SuperDeker
    • One set of rebounder bands
    • One black ePuck
    • One bottle of Zero Friction Ice Spray
    • One WrapAround Off-Ice Hockey Stick Protector (black or white)

    The two entrants who are selected as top Players in the Final Round will win our new accessory product to be announced soon!

    Please click here for a full list of the Official Rules.