Advanced Hockey Training System

for players of all ages

“Awesome product, great customer service, quick response. This really improved my sons game and my game. This is a must for all hockey players. Worth every penny.”

Denis F.

Power Charger plugged right in and works great! My son is happy and has been challenging himself to new high scores!


"SuperDeker is the best off-ice training system we’ve seen.  We use it at all of our schools to build stick handling skills, because players can’t be on the ice all day.  They are very popular, players are constantly lined up to use them and compete against each other."

Ty Gretzky
Founder, Gretzky Hockey School

“I got SuperDeker for my son last Christmas. He absolutely loves it! These guys have done a great job of taking a seriously valuable training tool and making it so fun that kids don’t want to stop playing with it.”

The orignal SuperDeker Hockey Stickhandling Aid is the official training device of Ty Gretzky's Hockey School and a national favorite amoungst beginner level players. Upgrade to the SuperDekerPRO today to advance your level of skill and stickhandling abil
Jeff G.

I got the SuperDeker for my son to practice with and he loves it. So far we have been using it every day. The games work well and the items is good quality.


Awesome! The SuperDeker Glow Bands light up and make the SuperDeker 100x Cooler!

Maor Glickman

Works great! The Zero Friction Ice Spray helps the ePuck slide just like on real ice!



The SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System warranty is 12-months on the game board.  Warranty for components included with the system including: Rebounder Bands, ePuck, Metal Pegs, Metal Bars, Power Cord, and Zero Friction Spray is 60 days if defective. Please refer to Limited Warranty for any exceptions that void warranty terms described above.

One (1) SuperDeker Ice Surface
One (1) ePuck
Two (2) Rebounder Bands
One (1) Bottle of Zero-Friction Ice Spray
One (1) Power Cable
One (1) Instruction sheet
Two (2) Rebounder bars
Four (4) Rebounder bar pegs

Playing Dimensions: 67" long, 28.5" wide, 7/8" thick. 

The SuperDeker ships in a brown cardboard box.  It does not have a picture but does say SuperDeker on the outside of the box.

Yes! The SuperDeker Pro includes 10 games and the SuperDeker Mobile Application adds additional functionality.

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