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The SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System is the only system that utilizes patented lights and sensor training technology to improve your game. The SuperDeker App harness the power of your smartphone to help take your hockey skills to the next level. Use the SuperDeker App to unlock more games and functionality.
SuperDeker App

Track your Scores to make Real-Time Improvements!

Submit your scores to worldwide leaderboards to measure your progress against other players. Use SuperDeker’s Advanced tracking technology to track progress visually.

Compete against players around the world!

The SuperDeker App features upgraded score tacking with SuperDekerPRO leaderboards. Choose from a multitude of game-mode leaderboard options to compete in every aspect of your skills. Compare your score against your friends with custom usernames. Create a username and hone your skills to watch your account rise through the ranks!
The SuperDeker App interacts with the SuperDekerPRO Advanced Hockey Training System device.
The SuperDekerPRO and The SuperDeker App were designed to be used by players 4 years of age and up. The SuperDekerPRO device has 10 built-in games. The SuperDeker App unlocks an additional game and unlocks all options for a total of 21 games with subscription of the app. The subscription also allows for the creation of a user account that stores user game data, thus allowing for analytics of skill levels and improvements. Additionally, the user can compare scores with game leaderboards. Each game has leaderboard scores that can be filtered to home in on customizable searches.
Each game on the SuperDekerPRO and Options, in the SuperDeker App, focuses on hockey skills and helps to improve individual hockey abilities. Game names are training, Hot Shot, Passing, Multiplier, Zig Zag, Quick Hands, Toe Drag, Infinity Dangles, Triangles, Around the World, and Wide Dekes. Each of these games were designed by hockey players, experts and coaches to improve hockey skills.
The SuperDeker App also includes an Alert tab that will have updated Hockey News, Events, Product Reviews, and other pertinent hockey related articles. The SuperDeker App also includes a Videos tab which will have videos containing User Guides, Game Guides, Player Drills and Strength and Conditioning.
The SuperDeker App also includes a Profile tab where a player can update their profile, manages subscriptions, and update the SuperDekerPRO to the latest firmware. The Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware ability will allow the player to update the SuperDekerPRO hardware device over wireless Bluetooth, to the latest firmware version, thus keeping the SuperDekerPRO updated for bug fixes, game updates, installation of new games and sounds.

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