The SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System is the original Electronic Hockey Training Device better than the potent hockey trainer.
The SuperDeker Hockey Stickhandling Training Aid is the best plug-in hockey training device with lights and sensor technology that tracks the puck as you practice hockey stickhandling skills. Official SuperDeker Replacement Parts for Sale Online. Use only the Official SuperDeker Original Parts for Warranty Eligibility.

Power Charger

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Official Superdeker Power Charger

A lost or broken SuperDeker power charger should not put a stop to your off ice hockey training schedule. This authentic and approved SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System power adapter is specifically designed for and fully compatible with your SuperDeker. Get the genuine UL listed replacement SuperDeker power charger and continue your training.


  • The only approved way to power your SuperDeker is with the official power charger.

  • UL Listed.

  • Specifically designed power cord for the SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System.

Shopping from the USA?

    Q: What is included in the SuperDeker box?

    A: When you buy a SuperDeker it comes with:

    • One (1) SuperDeker Ice Surface
    • One (1) ePuck
    • Two (2) Rebounder Bands
    • One (1) Bottle of Zero-Friction Ice Spray
    • One (1) Power Cable
    • One (1) Instruction sheet
    • Two (2) Rebounder bars
    • Four (4) Rebounder bar pegs

    You can purchase extra accessories on our website. 

    Q: What are the specifications of the game?

    A:  Playing Dimensions: 67" long, 28.5" wide, 7/8" thick.  
    Power: Input 100-240 VAC - 50/60 HZ Output: 5V, 1000mA, FCC approved, UL approved.

    Q: What are the dimensions of the box?

    A: The box is about 22 pounds and the dimensions are 40" x 30" x 3".

    Q: When shipped, does the package have a picture on the outside, or is it a plain brown box?  Trying not to give away the product inside.

    A: The SuperDeker ships in a brown cardboard box.  It does not have a picture but does say SuperDeker on the outsize of the box.

    Q: What is the warranty on the SuperDeker?

    A: There is a 30-day warranty on the physical product, and a 270-day warranty on any electrical issues. 

    Q: Concerned about durability... can the device, internal lights, etc., handle the weight if someone accidentally steps on the playing surface?

    A: The SuperDeker polycarbonate surface is very durable.  It is designed to handle repeated stick handling.  We do not recommend standing or stepping on the SuperDeker, especially over the lights, however, accidental stepping on the board should not cause problems.

    Q: How many and what type of batteries does it require?

    A: SuperDeker Advanced Training System does not take batteries.  It is a plug in unit.

    Read more FAQs on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Rosemary Martin
    Power Charger is not the right one

    You have sent me the wrong power charger that is not the same in the photo and it does not work. I have tried to contact you via phone and email to want a refund and I have not received a response till now. This is very upsetting to work with a company who is not responsive.

    Chris Gray

    worked one time and stopped. So far customer service has not found a solution.

    Peter Millman
    Super Deker Power Charger

    It’s a power charger and it charges, so it would appear to be meeting expectations. It took more than two weeks to ship, which would seem excessive.

    Corey Hugie
    Not the problem

    My daughter lost the power cord somehow so plugged another cord in and it didn’t work so I was hoping the power cord would work but sadly she must’ve fried the head unit and they don’t just sell a new head unit so I guess it’s useless now. Anyways I’m guessing the cord works fine and it arrived in a timely matter.

    Paul Colebrook
    Didn’t work

    Unfortunately it appears that the power supply was not the problem and our expensive super deker is broken. This is especially difficult for our son now with the lockdown