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An interactive sports training device has a plurality of light sources, multiple sensor means and a processor to facilitate the manoeuvring, passing and shooting of an object. Each sensor means is associated with one of the plurality of light sources, the sensor means being adapted to be triggered when an object is brought into close proximity with an activated light source. A processor means is coupled to the light sources and sensor means and is provided with at least one training program, and the processor means controls activation of the light sources according to at least one training program. When an object is placed in close proximity to an activated light source, the sensor communicates with the processor to deactivate the activated light source and to activate another light source in accordance with a training program. In use, it provides a system for simulating the unpredictable and competitive nature of multi-player sports by allowing a user to practice on his own in a ‘real life’ environment.

US Patent No. 7,850,514

US Patent No. 7,999,694