Getting Started with SuperDeker Game 2: AAA Hockey Training

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The SuperDeker stickhandling trainer has three training modes that focus on reaction time, speed, and puck handling.

Game 2 puts a premium on reaction time, because you only have 1 second to hit the target light.

If your ePuck doesn’t pass over the light in time, it will turn off and move to a new location. Are you ready to try Game 2?

If you consistently score 20-25 in Game 1, then you are ready to give Game 2 a try.

Game two adds an element of pressure that hockey players feel in real games, so remaining focused in this game mode is critical to success.

When you are new to game two, don’t expect to hit every light, but instead score points in bunches. If you miss one, simply ignore it, and keep dangling to get another streak until you hear the buzzer.

Keep coming back to game two as you get more accurate with handling the puck in game one, you’ll notice that you have longer streaks and your hockey puck handling speed has improved.

The SuperDeker hockey training tool pushes you to get better at hockey stick handling. Are you ready to start training with the SuperDeker? Head over to to get yours today!

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