How to make an Amazing Videos for SuperDeker

Not all content is made equally, but you don’t need an expensive studio and fancy camera to make amazing social media content!

In this guide, we will outline what makes one video superior to others and give some quick tips on how to make viral-worthy content so you can get noticed! If you are under the age of 18, please make sure you involve your parents/guardians.

1. Watch Your Angle – Camera Angles that have the full SuperDeker in view are the best way to show the full glory of the SuperDeker and your skills. Don’t just point your camera at the ground, we want to see the Player too! Try to show the player in your video as much as possible. After all, the hockey community depends on awesome people, just like you!

The SuperDeker Hockey Stickhandling Game is one of the most fun hockey training devices to make awesome viral videos with!

2. Fill the Frame – If there is a lot of empty space, try to fill it by moving closer to your subject.

Try some of the best hockey stickhandling drills on your SuperDeker! Be sure to tag us in your hockey stickhandling product videos.

3. Show your Location – Look at the background of your video. Is there anything interesting to look at? Use your location to your advantage. Remember, SuperDeker is mobile, so you can practice stickhandling anywhere! Even if you’re at home, pull your SuperDeker away from the wall! Doing so adds dimension to your video, making it look much better. Show off your hockey spirit! Wear your gear or favorite team jersey!

SuperDeker is the most fun stickhandling tool! The lights and sensors in the synthetic ice board makes it perfect for fun viral videos!

4. Tag @SuperDeker – How will we know you posted a video if you don’t tag us? At SuperDeker, we love to show off your skills, and the creative ways you find to use our product in your training! Give us a tag so we get notified as soon as you post your video.

5. PRO TIP: Don’t forget to tag your location. Tagging your location (if you’re comfortable sharing it) is a great way to get connected to other players in your area!

6. Use Music or Audio – Don’t forget to take advantage of the awesome features that are provided to you by social platforms. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok all have libraries of songs and audio clips that will make your videos more interesting. Give these features a shot and see just how good your content can get!

Traditional hockey stick handling tools are boring and bland. Try having some fun with the SuperDeker puck handling trainer!

7. Stay on top of the trends – When in doubt, try a trend! We all know a good trend when we see one. Maybe it's that silly filter that everyone is using, or maybe it’s a sound bite from your favorite hockey movie! Either way, adding your own twist on a relevant trend is always a great idea!

8. Alright, so what does it look like when you combine all these elements together to make one awesome video? Well, check out this example we made for our Instagram @SuperDeker!

As you can see, following these guidelines is a great way to make awesome content that not only looks great, but will help the world see your skills!

But don’t forget to make it your own. Try new things and get creative every chance you get, because hey, you never really know what might go viral!

Thanks for reading this guide, and don’t forget to tag us when you post your own! We look forward to seeing it – so go ahead and try posting one today! After you’ve done that, head over to for awesome hockey training content. Until next time, thank you for choosing SuperDeker, and Deke on!

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