Shred the Streets in Inline Skates with Hockey Wraparound

Watch pro in-line player Arnie O take to the streets for a public dangle sesh πŸ‘€

With hockey hands fast as lightning, Arnie stick handles circles around unsuspecting runners, bikers, and doggos. πŸ•πŸ€£

"I just like to see people's reactions as I skate up to them with the puck. Some people get pretty freakout out at first, but they always end up with a smile on their face by the time I'm past them" says Arnie, pro inline player for Labeda Blood and Feathers and SuperDeker Ambassador.

"That's why I do it - bringing joy to others though my stickhandling ability is the ultimate reward."

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What’s the best way to protect your expensive stick from the street?

At SuperDeker, we recommend the HOCKEYWRAPAROUND! This little tool is ideal for keeping your expensive stick safe from scratches, chips, and deformities.

It's also a great option to keep your SuperDeker surface crystal clean and spare of any scuffs or marks that can be caused by sticky residue or black tape on your twig.

Order yours from

With the Hockey Wraparound, you can skate, dangle, shoot, and celly all day long on rough surfaces without worrying about your precious stick getting destroyed!

SuperDeker Hokcey Wraparound stick protector for inline skate hockey on street and SuperDeker

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