SuperDeker Game 2 for Intermediate Hockey Players

The SuperDeker stickhandling trainer has three training modes that focus on reaction time, speed, and puck handling.

Game 2 puts a premium on reaction time, because the target light may move even before you hit it. If you consistently score more than 50 in Game 2 with the help of your Rebounder Bands, then you are ready to enter the Game 2 Major Leagues.

Now that the 1-second limit on target lights hardly impacts your performance, you can challenge yourself by removing the rebounder bands!

Without bands, you won't have anything to catch the puck if you mishandle and passing is not an option. Players should practice rolling their top hand to direct the puck.

Avoid choppy movements that lift the puck on edge and focus on keeping good form, so you can keep control of the puck as your speed increases. To set new high scores, players should keep their head up, using peripheral vision to stickhandle the puck to target lights.

As you master Game 2, you’ll notice that you have longer streaks, higher scores, and quicker hands!

The SuperDeker hockey training tool pushes you to get better at hockey stick handling. Are you ready to start training with the SuperDeker? Head over to to get yours today!

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