How to Improve your Hockey Skills: Hockey Training Exercises with Hunter Bishop

Be Stronger and More Explosive for the Upcoming Hockey Season: Hockey Training Exercises with Hunter Bishop & SuperDeker  

Elite Hockey Workout Routine with Hunter Bishop

SuperDeker has now teamed up with Hunter Bishop to bring elite training routines to every hockey player who dreams of getting better. 

Hunter is a veteran player whose experience and expertise speak for themselves. He grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, where hockey was a huge part of his life. He played hockey for the University of North Dakota and then for professional teams including the Manchester Monarchs and the Charleston Stingrays. Hunter also played in Europe. Today, he runs his own youth training camps out of Charleston.

Hunter's experience as both a player and a coach made him see the benefits of the SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System. So much so that he included the hockey training equipment in this off-season training video.

The video breaks down a lower body workout that can be used to strength train for more explosive skating, as well as some shooting and stick handling work to warm up.

Hockey Specific Pre-Lift Warm up Routine

Warming up before your lift is a crucial step in every workout routine. Participating in a warm-up will prepare your muscles for growth and get your mind ready for your workout. One effective way to warm up your muscles before beginning any heavy lifting is to get your mitts working on SuperDeker.

Hunter starts with shooting drills and stickhandling work on a SuperDeker to get warmed up for his intense legs and shoulder workout. To train like Hunter Bishop, be sure to knock out at least 3 rounds of SuperDeker before proceeding to lift.

Once your muscles are warmed up, follow Hunter’s lead in these exercises: Bulgarian Lunges, Airplane Lunges, Dumbbell Lunges, Polymetric Hamstring Curls, Landmine Press, and Polymetric Mountain Climbers. 

While Hunter doesn’t show this in his video, we recommend resting between 45 and 60 seconds between sets. Resting between sets will give your muscles time to recover, prevent injuries, and ultimately lead to healthy muscle growth for hockey!

Bulgarian Lunges

Bulgarian Lunges address the all-around hockey player. They first help alleviate the common tightness in the hips, groin, calves, ankles, and hamstrings that are a common issue for players. They also help strengthen the muscles at the inner knee that are often under-developed in skaters.

Airplane Lunges

Airplane Lunges work legs, just like other lunges, but they also help strengthen back and hips. In addition to this, airplane lunges will improve your core stability which will help overall performance.

Dumbbell Lunges

Dumbbell Lunges are a great way to strengthen the quadriceps. This exercise challenges your balance, which gets the muscles in the back of the legs to stabilize you. Being stronger and more stable on your skates will allow you to better protect the puck from defenders, as well as grind hard for the puck in the corners and against the boards. 

Plyometric Hamstring Curls

Plyometric Hamstring Curls help strengthen and loosen up your hamstrings. Hockey players need a wide range of motion and hamstrings play a huge role in making that happen.

Overall strength is also built by working out opposing muscles. That is why Hunter follows up a quadriceps workout with hammy curls.

Landmine Press

Landmine Press is an overhead pressing movement that strengthens and builds stability in the scapula as well as increasing the back-and-forth movement intrinsic in hockey.

Plyometric Mountain Climbers

Plyometric Mountain Climbers are a total body workout that address upper body and core as well as heart rate. Mountain climbers strengthen all areas of your body and will increase explosiveness which is another key element of an elite hockey player.

How to Stay in Shape During the Hockey Off Season

Watch Hunter Bishop's off season workout video and see how you not only stay in shape, but gain an advantage during  the off season to help  you stand out at the season opener.  Don’t forget that to be successful in hockey, you must be able to multitask. Make sure you work on both strength and conditioning, as well as skill development.  Hunter gives a great template to follow by including the SuperDeker and shooting in with his demanding workout.

Are you ready to take your hockey workout to the next level?

Try the SuperDeker today! Use it between sets or as its own separate workout! Strengthen your core, arms, and shoulders with SuperDeker! 

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