Ice Hockey Exercises for Improving Your Game

Author:  Robert B. - Sports Journalist for SuperDeker

Off-ice, off-season strength and conditioning programs specifically designed for hockey players will lead to a competitive advantage on the ice.  Whether you're a rookie, veteran or even an experienced player in the NHL, you can improve your agility, strength, and fundamentals to start every season with a rock-solid foundation.

Training endurance in hockey is about mimicking what the body goes through during a game. So, designing a hockey player workout plan that builds stamina through interval training can truly make the difference between winning and losing.

By using hockey training aids

For the best hockey training program, look no further than the Hockey Skills Endurance Training Regimen from SuperDeker.

Make sure you include an off-ice training plan focused on developing muscular power.

To build strength and explosive energy, implement an off ice hockey workout program that uses free weight resistance exercises as they allow you to work in any range of motion that you can imagine.

Body weight exercises are also a great option for ice hockey training.

These exercises increase your strength and flexibility which is an invaluable skill on the ice. Not to mention, that you can do them almost anywhere – no weight room or equipment required.

If you do have access to a weight room, compound exercises with heavier weights and fewer reps are excellent for hockey workouts as they can help build explosiveness on the ice.

The main goal when lifting weights is to add power and mass to your body. Your combination of speed, strength, and skill will strike fear in the eyes of your opponent when going head-to-head.

Strength training routines that implement cardio workouts for hockey players are beneficial for improving speed on the ice.

Strength and Speed

To achieve peak fitness and performance, follow a hockey workout plan that includes cardio workouts on top of your strength-building exercises. Doing so will give you a high level of strength, balance, and endurance. Working on cardio through short sprints, as well as linking many sprints together, is a great conditioning technique as they closely match the level of intensity required for moving across the ice.

Challenge yourself to build a level of fitness and confidence that will peak when it's finally time to drop the puck.

One device that is perfect for this is the SuperDeker. This is an off-ice training device that incorporates aspects of interval training to improve your dangles.

This can help you improve your coordination, creativity, and fitness, but most importantly it can help you develop a passion for the game!

When training for hockey, remember that the most important thing is to stay confident. Training isn’t supposed to be easy, but if you stick with it you will improve!

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