SuperDeker at Home Hockey Training

SuperDeker at home hockey training drills.   How to use the bands for off ice hockey training.  In hockey, the puck can rebound off of any object.  Reacting to this is critical in maintaining puck control.  Using SuperDeker with rebounder bands, helps develop off ice puck skills this action for training as you fine tune your reaction time. When playing Games 1 and 2 with the bands, you should attempt to use the bands as much as possible… on both the forehand and backhand.  On the ice you want to develop a technique to keep the puck flat.  This makes it easier for players to receive your passes.  The same is true for using the bands on the SuperDeker.  With a flat, firm, pass … the puck will rebound cleanly off the bands. Repetition of puck handling builds muscle memory, sharpens your skill, increases hand speed.  The SuperDeker Advanced Training System is the best off-ice hockey skills system.

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