SuperDeker Game 1 for Advanced Players

Ready to take your game to the next level? Buy a SuperDeker!

SuperDeker is an advanced hockey stickhandling board for players of all ages and skill levels. Games are 45 seconds long and your score is tracked as the ePuck passes over sensors under the polycarbonate surface which is a great way to practice hockey at home because it feels like real ice.

There are three game modes prebuilt into the stick handling trainer to help players build on reaction time, speed, and puck handling.

Game one focuses on puck handling training, so the light will stay on until the puck glides over it.

To practice with game mode one at the advanced level, players should remove the rebounder bands. Without the help of the rebounder bands, cradling the puck with your backhand as well as your forehand is more important than ever.

To translate improvement from a stick handling trainer to the ice, hockey players should focus on cradling the puck with quick, soft hands in controlled movements. This will allow players to more easily move the puck in all directions, not just left and right.

Repetition of puck handling on the SuperDeker builds muscle memory, sharpens your skill, and increases hand speed. Removing the bands is just one way to add difficulty to your SuperDeker hockey training routine, visit us a for even more Game 1 Challenges!

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