The Advantage of Focused Training for Youth Hockey Players

Training for Young Hockey Players

Hockey Puck Training at a young age is crucial to developing strong skills that last through the years.With any sport your children play, it is important to get them adequate and professional training from a young age. Not only will this go a long way in developing their love and dedication to the game, but it will also help to avoid injuries and improve both their physical and mental development.

Team practices and on-ice training is crucial to skill development, but given the price of ice time these days, it’s just as important to work on your off-ice puck skills as well by fitting in some at home hockey training. Local hockey facilities like Puckmasters provide an incredible balance of on-ice skill development like skating, stick handling training, and even some advanced hockey training as well.

Enrolling your player in a hockey camp will offer them a chance to self-develop their own style of hockey training. Players are given 45 minutes with a Puckmasters coach that can be fully on the ice, or split between ice and the off-ice stickhandling and shooting area.

On-ice training is similar across most hockey schools or camps, with a focus on skating drills, passing, and puck handling training. The unique off-ice training area is excellent for focussing on hockey stick handling using some of the best hockey training aids for kids on the market. Puckmasters even offers a skating treadmill to help strengthen skating strides, and a video room to review film of real games.

A Unique Way of Developing Hockey Skills

SuperDeker is the best at home hockey training device for players of all ages and skill levels.Puckmasters has a great way of combining group training with individualized and player-specific training programs. The Puckmasters coaches really allow the children to choose which part of their game they wish to work on during their time together.

As the kids get older, they quickly learn their own weaknesses and this allows the coaches to really hone in on using specific hockey training systems to focus on their needs.

Of course, at the end of the day, the main goal of Puckmasters coaches is to put a smile on the kids’ faces, and make hockey as enjoyable as possible. The flexible training classes help achieve this because it lets the children feel like they are in control of their own development.

Whether it is on the ice with a Puckmasters coach or off the ice at home, they are always thinking of new and creative ways for kids to further their skills development.

How to Practice Stickhandling Off Ice

As Puckmasters has proven, off-ice training drills are extremely important for developing puck handling skills that can easily be transferred onto the ice. The coaches will spend time with the kids teaching them drills and specific hockey exercises that they can then practice on their own at home. This allows kids to continue to develop after the lessons are over, and luckily for them we live in an age where we have access to the best hockey training equipment at home!

Enter the SuperDeker, widely considered one of the best off-ice hockey training equipment on the market. This innovative and fun piece of equipment is a stick handling trainer, puck handling trainer, and passing trainer, all in one!

Players can utilize the SuperDeker from a young age, using the drills that the coaches at Puckmasters show them, and then recreating these drills using the fantastic hockey training aid at home as often as they want to.

When it comes to stick handling tools, it’s easy to get creative when you are away from the rink. Anything can be an obstacle or stickhandling course if you want it to be, but using a real hockey stickhandling trainer like the SuperDeker provides such a higher level of training, that you won’t ever consider any other hockey training equipment again!

Is SuperDeker Worth It?

The hockey stickhandling game SuperDeker is the most advanced hockey training system available today!That’s a great question, after all, playing hockey isn’t exactly cheap! The SuperDeker is more than just a stick handling tool, it is a fully operational piece of training equipment that works on all types of puck handling. Take the drills you use at Puckmasters and incorporate the SuperDeker, instead of just shooting pucks against the wall of the garage. Use it as a stickhandling pad with lights that help to work on skills like anticipation and hand-eye coordination.

You may be asking how to practice hockey without ice? The answer is the SuperDeker, which has a patented surface that mimics the way the puck slides across real ice. Hockey stick handling is a skill every player will want to master if they hope to ever play at a higher level, and it all starts with at home training using the SuperDeker, the best hockey stickhandling trainer and hockey passing trainer around!

At Home Training is Key

The SuperDeker hockey training tool is the perfect at-home training device for young hockey players!As much as team practices and games help put skills to use, training classes like the ones offered at Puckmasters are the best way for young players to get one on one time with coaches, or at least be the focus in a small group.

Think of these coaches as tutors who can teach your kids skills outside the normal classroom. But what’s the most important part of making sure the lessons stick with your children? Making sure that they continue to do the work at home, after the classes are over.

After the lessons or practice is over, it’s hard to practice skills like skating away from the rink. That’s why for children it is important that they continue working on their hockey puck training and passing, as much as possible when at home.

Using a stickhandling aid like the SuperDeker will rapidly improve your child’s puck handling skills, as well as build up strength in their hands and wrists. Learning the drills at a hockey school is incredibly helpful in developing your child’s skill set on the ice, but incorporating a top puck handling trainer like the SuperDeker will help them take their game to the next level!

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