Stickhandling with a Tube for Faster Hockey Hands

Try using a tube on your top hand for fluid motion on the hockey stick!

Are you a serious hockey fanatic that loves the challenge of creative stickhandling drills both on and off the ice? 

One of the most popular drills that anyone can do is integrating a PVC tube to their bottom hand to practice hockey puck handling with a loose grip.

Use a PVC Pipe to Loosen your Bottom Hand and Strengthen your Top Hand

To develop a loose bottom hand using the tube trick, follow these steps:

  1. Slide a 4-5inch tube over your hockey stick.
  2. Place your top hand in its normal position.
  3. Place your bottom hand lightly over the tube.
  4. Practice stickhandling while dynamically sliding your bottom hand up and down the shaft of the stick.

PRO TIP: Try this simple variation on your SuperDeker! After a few games, you'll really feel the difference in how much work your top hand is doing.

When holding the tube around your stick, your bottom hand will naturally slide up and down as you move your stick around your hockey training board. This will help develop a softer bottom hand grip which is crucial to quick and controlled puck movements.

Your bottom hand will move down the shaft as you bring the puck in closer to your body, and then back up as you extend the puck out away from your body.

This technique focuses on your bottom hand, but it is a great exercise for developing control with your top hand as well! Using a tube for your bottom hand will force you to strengthen your top hand, proving more control of your stick blade.

Stickhandling with a PVC Pipe on Your Stick

When holding a hockey stick, your top hand is the anchor that rarely changes position, but your bottom hand should be able to dynamically move in any position on the shaft. The looser your bottom hand is, the more natural it will feel to slide up and down your stick as you handle the puck.

An easy way to train a soft bottom hand is to add this element to your daily training:

All you need is a piece of tubing like a home PVC pipe, or a cardboard paper towel tube that can fit over your stick.

Try it on Your SuperDeker!

Adding this PVC pipe or tube onto your stick when using the SuperDeker is a fun challenge for any hockey player that needs to build wrist strength and practice puck control without needing a ton of expensive hockey training equipment!

Sliding the ePuck around the SuperDeker patented surface simulates the weight and feel of a puck on the ice. Throw in the PVC pipe to specialize your training, especially when engaging in Game 2 where drills put a premium on speed and reaction time!

This age-old way of improving hockey stickhandling and overall puck control has been used in training by many NHL legends.

This drill is simple to add to your hockey exercise training routine and is a great way to amplify your stickhandling abilities at no cost to you!

Now add in the best off-ice stick handling board on the market: SuperDeker, and for just a few minutes a day you can improve your stickhandling speed, quickness, and control!

Head over to today to check out some more stickhandling tips and ways to incorporate them into your training routine!

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