Getting Ready for the Hockey Season for Advanced Players

The SuperDeker is a great system to teach you how to practice hockey at home with no ice required!

With the Hockey season finally back in full swing in 2021, players around the world are dusting off their skates and getting back on the ice. After such a long break in 2020, how are you preparing yourself for the upcoming season?

Read on for our guide to getting your head back in the game in 2021 for Advanced hockey players.

Not an Advanced Player? We’ve compiled a similar guide for beginners and intermediate players too!

Team Up and Make a PlanMaking a plan with your teammates is a great time to discuss how to practice stickhandling off ice with the SuperDeker!

If you play any sort of organized hockey at a high level, you know that as a unit you operate like a well-oiled machine. But the machine may need some maintenance after a year off between seasons.

Even NHL players get rusty, so why not get the team together for a group workout and to talk about strategies and game plans for the upcoming season? If that’s not possible right now due to COVID-19 restrictions, get a Zoom call going and reconnect with your teammates to get everyone back in the groove.

Coaches typically encourage players to work together, communicate off the ice, and take initiative. Remember, the coaches are never on the ice, they don’t make passes during games, so it can be very beneficial to have some player-only planning.

Before the new season starts, your squad may find it helpful to reflect back on the previous season to discuss any successes or failures as a team. Team relationships are critical to success, so take this opportunity to get everyone in sync and get a leg up on your opposition by being ready for the opening game of the new season.

Dry-Land Training is Key

The SuperDeker is the best system for how to practice hockey without ice!As any advanced player knows, the hockey season continues well past the sound of the final horn.

Training is a never ending practice that continues even in the offseason. While ice time can be difficult to come by, especially in the age of COVID-19, that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay in game shape with off ice workouts.

Keeping your cardio up throughout the summer months may have felt like a chore, but you will see your offseason fitness regiment pay dividends when your opposition is gasping for air midway through the second period.

If you’re as serious about hockey as you think you are, you already own a SuperDeker at home hockey training system that helps to keep your hands and mind in the game throughout the year.

At the advanced level, keeping up with your hockey puck handling training is essential to outperforming your opponents who likely use the SuperDeker too!

Regardless if you have a stickhandling training board, or use a Swedish stickhandling ball in the basement, or a Green-Biscuit in the driveway, improving your puck handling control off-ice is one of the easiest ways to be ready for the rink.

Get the Latest Gear

Keep up with for more tips on stick handling in ice hockey!Walking into a hockey shop and checking out all the new equipment before the season starts can have you feeling like a kid in the candy store. This is a great way to get excited for the upcoming season and get up to date with the latest gear drops.

Do your research and keep up with the trends. New technology comes out every year and you never know which new feature will give you the ultimate edge on the ice. Give your equipment the once over and decide if you need to upgrade some of your older pieces.

While casual hockey players love the feel of worn in equipment that they have grown accustomed to, players on an advanced level know that keeping your gear in pristine condition improves its performance on the ice.

Old skates are going to feel like a pair of shackles on the ice, but a new pair can be lighter, more responsive, and give you an extra boost that you may not have had before.

As with any sport, hockey equipment is always evolving, so make sure that you have the best possible gear to help you succeed before you hit the ice!

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to get back on the ice this season?

Before hitting the ice in 2021, gain an edge on your opponents by Making a Plan, Updating your Gear, and Dryland Training with the SuperDeker.

If you’re still not convinced that the SuperDeker is right for you, visit our media page for helpful resources and information about how SuperDeker improves hockey stickhandling and improves puck control.

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